Lean – Green Belt

Learn to carry out successful Lean implementations and achieve measurable results.

Lean Green Belt Education

Lean Green Belt is an education in Lean methodology and the associated tools.

The Green Belt education provides new perspectives for your work, making you a sought-after employee who can achieve measurable results for your business. You can lead Lean projects and have a mindset that enables you to make well-considered decisions anchored in process knowledge with a focus on human relations.

You gain an overview of the different Lean methods in the toolbox so that you and your company can create value for the customer, achieve the highest quality, and implement the most effective processes for the company.

Teaching at eye4improve

Who is it aimed at?

Who is the training aimed at?
This Lean Green Belt education is for you if you want to learn a structured optimization approach, where you gain the competencies to be a project manager on Lean projects and local improvement initiatives.

The Lean method can help to create more efficient workflows by identifying and eliminating waste and non-value-adding elements. This means that companies using Lean thinking can achieve significant quality improvements, save resources, strengthen competitiveness, and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Content of the Lean Green Belt education

The education will focus on the Lean method and the tools naturally linked to it. The teaching takes place in modules, divided into steps, where each step has its own tools and methods attached.

The most relevant methods and tools will be explained in combination with case studies and associated exercises, giving you the opportunity to test the theory in practice.

All participants in the education will also work with their own specific optimization projects, where they receive coaching and guidance along the way. In this way, you can create results for your company even during the education.

Duration: 6 teaching days.

The teaching is divided into 3 modules over a period of 4 months, where you will work on 1 specific project for your organisation. After the last teaching session, there will be a written examination (multiple choice test). The entire process ends with the submission of a project report and an oral defence of this.

Outcome – What competences does it provide?

After completing the education, you will have learned what it takes to create structured and efficient processes and workflows, which will be noticeable on the bottom line. You become the competent Lean project manager who can create measurable results for your company.

  • Understanding Lean principles and values: Participants will learn about Lean principles and values, including elimination of waste, continuous improvement, and focus on customer value.
  • Tools for process improvement: Participants will learn about various tools for process improvement, including value stream analysis, 5S, Kaizen, standardisation, and visual management.
  • Process management: Participants will learn about how to manage and optimise processes, and how to identify and handle bottlenecks and other problems.
  • Leadership and collaboration: Participants will learn about how to lead and collaborate with teams, communicate effectively, and build a Lean culture in the organisation.
  • Being a project manager on Lean projects in delimited areas within your own organisation.
  • Create efficiencies, achieve greater customer satisfaction, and improve employee well-being.
  • Successfully implement organisational changes with solid knowledge of change management and other management tools.

Our other Lean educations

Build on your Lean competencies with one of our other educations.



Lean Yellow Belt

Gain insight into the fundamental principles of Lean, so you can become an active team member in Lean projects, and assist Green Belts and Black Belts.

Duration: 3 days of instruction.



Lean Black Belt

Achieve expert level and become capable of executing complex Lean roll-outs and ensuring momentum and backing for the work. Typically a 100% resource.

Duration: 9 days of instruction + work on a specific project.

Why choose eye4improve

  • Skillful and experienced instructors
  • You gain skills you can use in the real world
  • We alternate between theory and practical exercises, so you are involved in the teaching
  • The complex material is served in an easy-to-understand way with plenty of examples and exercises
  • You gain skills you can use in the real world
  • You get a high academic level
  • We provide you with tools that you can take home and use immediately.

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